The Vouga river is born at Lapa Mountain, at an altitude of 864 meters, and travels about 148 km, crossing the territory of Montanhas Mágicas for approximately 44km in the southern part of Montanhas Mágicas® territory (Municipalities of São Pedro do Sul and Sever do Vouga. Its river basin has about 3.636 km2, being located between the Douro and the Mondego rivers. The main tributaries, from upstream to downstream, are the Mel, Sul, Varoso, Teixeira and Mau river. This river has a very strong natural dynamics, from the source to the mouth, which creates rapids, temporary islands, backwaters, beaches and wells. Downstream friom the Pessegueiro bridge it houses species of migratory fish. Its riparian gallery is very well preserved.

Total classified area: 2.769ha

Classified area in the territory: 706ha (25%)

Municipalities: Sever do Vouga

Protected fauna:

Gold-striped salamander, brook lamprey, allis shad, twait shad, iberian emerald lizard, european otter, iberian nase, sea lamprey, tropidophoxinellus alburnoides, ray-finned fish, common midwife toad, Iberian frog, marbled newt, thick shelled river mussel, unio elongatulus or unio mancus. 

Protected flora: 

Butcher’s-broom, narrow-leafed ash, english oak, field. 

Priority habitats: 

Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior alluvial forests.