Sustainable tourism is understood by UNWTO (2003) as one that meets the needs of tourists and recipients while protecting and creating new opportunities for the future.

In this context, and according to the UNWTO (2003), the concept of sustainable tourism must take into account a model of economic development that allows:

  • the improvement of the hosting communities quality of life;
  • the improvement of the quality of life with economic and social benefits not only for residents, but also for businesses;
  • promoting a visitor's experience of high quality;
  • maintaining the quality of the environment on which, not only the host community, but also the visitor depends;
  • ensuring an equitable distribution of both benefits and costs;
  • encouraging the understanding of the impacts of tourism on the cultural, human and material environment;
  • the improvement of social and health care infrastructures.

As a way of promoting the social, cultural, ecological, economic, spatial and political sustainability of tourism in the territory, ADRIMAG, the promoter of tourism in the Montanhas Mágicas, has decided to present an application, together with local partners, for the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism to comply with the principles of sustainability and to implement a strategy and plan of action, renewable every five years.

European Charter for Sustainable Tourism
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