The mountains define us as a tourist destination. Discover the characteristics of the relief that are at the origin of the Montanhas Mágicas!

The relief of the territory is mainly mountainous, consisting of two large massifs: the Gralheira massif, which includes the Freita, Arada and Arestal Mountains; and the massif of Montemuro, dominated by the Montemuro Mountains, the eighth highest elevation of Portugal and the third largest south of the Douro river. 

This area is morphologically located in the north-central sector of the mountainous set called Western Mountains of North Central Portugal (Montemuro Mountain and Gralheira Massif), to which southern part is located the Caramulo Mountain. The average altitude is of 600 meters, but it can reach 1381 meters in the mountains of Montemuro (Pico Talegre) and 20 meters in the valleys of the Douro and Vouga river. 

Dominated by an extensive natural area, it has dense forests, which contrast with some plateaus and the formation of numerous valleys of low altitude, and the most significant are - for their size and importance - the Douro, Vouga, Paiva and Bestança Valleys.